About us

Marketing of products for graphic arts

At Lucky Spain we are dedicated to the import and marketing of products for graphic arts, nationally and internationally. We are recognized in the sector for the high quality of our products, as well as for the competitive prices we offer. Our clients are mainly printers and distributors of graphic arts products.

Meaning of HUAGUANG

HUAGUANG, in Chinese language means: Distinction of Honor for China.


Huaguang is the largest factory in China (and the fourth in the world) in terms of research and manufacturing of products and materials for printing, especially offset and flexographic plates.

Main factory

Huaguang Park


Warehouse and logistics center.

Nanyang Main Factory

Nanyang Henan province, 1000 km from Beijing and Shanghai and 1200 from Hong Kong.

Nanyang (Henan)

Population 10,260,000 inhabitants.

It is the city with the largest area of
Henan province 26,600 km².

Priority of the National Government

Currently, HUAGUANG is the largest and most productive company in China,
dedicated to the manufacture of printing plates and photosensitive materials.

We are a 100% state-owned company, which guarantees
absolute economic continuity and seriousness. 

HUAGUANG (Lucky HuaGuang Printing Technology Co. Ltd.) participates in the China Stock Exchange.


On November 22, 2010, The Second Film Factory of Lucky Group was fully converted into Lucky Huaguang Graphics Co., Ltd.


Lucky Huaguang Graphics Co., Ltd. opens a new era by affiliating with CASC (China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation).

Historical development of our graphic arts products marketing company

The construction of our company, specialized in the marketing of graphic arts products, was approved by the Premier of China Zhou on September 1, 1972 and the Ministry of Chemical Industry issued its statement on the “Acceleration of the construction of “Xianfeng Chemical Plant” on September 8, 1972.



Beginning of construction

Construction began in 1972, located deep in Neixiang County in the Funiu Mountain Range of the eastern region of Henan Province. It was named “Xianfeng Chemical Plant”.



Completion of construction

Once the construction of the plant was completed, production began in 1977. At the beginning, because only one product was produced and the market was quite limited, the company suffered losses for 3 consecutive years.



First product structuring

The independently developed graphic arts film promoted the transformation of printing technology in China from “lead and fire” to “light and electricity.”

At the beginning of the 80's, as members of the Council government printing equipment coordination team, company participated in the research of typesetting system technology by laser in China, the fruit of which was film for graphic arts. Successfully, the company began operating in the field of photosensitive printing material, becoming an important vessel flagship in the country's commercial history.



Second product structuring

The independently developed PS iron resulted in branching into two main products: 

  • The PS iron.
  • The film for graphic arts.

In the mid-80s, in order to be able to mass-produce products, we developed the PS plate and imported technology and machinery. The first international PS plate production line was established in Nanyang in 1989.



The total transfer

In 1997, the entire company moved to Nanyang City, executing a truly strategic pivot.

The first steps in R&D. We were completely confident in our strength and We decided to move without affecting production. We materialize the relocation project when we already had guarantees that it would be a success.

We successfully implemented both projects, both the transfer and the production, to the point of being awarded the title of “Unidad Transfer Advance" by the Council of State.



Third product restructuring

In the 10th five-year plan, we at HUAGUANG developed a series of new products of CTP plates and digital printing machines.

In 2006, we started the construction of HUAGUANG business park, which accelerated the adjustment of product structure and injected energy into business development.

Fourth product restructuring

We are committed to transforming the printing sector in China from "digitalization" to "environmentally friendly digital printing".
During the 11th Five-Year Plan period, we undertook the independent development of green products of process-free CTP plates, flexographic plates and a series of innovative products:

Digital label printing.

Plates without processing.

Low-chemical irons.

Flexo Plates.

PCB films.

UV inks.

Summary of the almost 40 years of corporate history (3 of the most important experiences


We cling to a firm market ideology, competition ideology and crisis ideology. We take the market as the essence to promote sales.


We are committed to innovation, we always consider technological innovation as the solid foundation of the company's development.


We stick to cultural beliefs, always guided by the business spirit of "hard work, unity and progress", making deep pursuit of Huaguang culture, striving for business happiness and promoting its development.