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Printing plate factory in Spain

Our company and factory of printing plates in Spain, HUAGUANG, is dedicated to importing, marketing and sale of machinery and products for graphic arts, especially "offset plates" and "flexographic plates" (thermal, CTP, violet photopolymer, DOP without chemical processing and analogues).

Also in the reverse side

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Film production lines:


Polyester film production line.


Silver halide film production line.


PCB film production lines.


Flexo production lines:


Production lines for flexography plates.

Plate production lines:


Printing plate production lines with an annual capacity of 90,000,000 m2 /year.

Line 1, year 1989:

Since 2009, we only produce CTP thermal plate (5 million m2 ). In this line, we also manufacture 0.15 thermal iron.


Line 2, year 1995:

We manufacture PS plates (positive and negative) with a capacity of 5 million m2. Thanks to the semi-automatic web loader, production increased by 25%.



Line 3, year 1996:

Manufacturing of 0.15 mm PS (conventional) plates. We produce 1.8 million m2.



Line 4, year 1999:

We manufacture positive PS plates. First high-rise production plant for PS plates with antiflu dispenser (12 million m2 ).



Line 5, year 2004:

Subcontracted company Suzhou Huaguang Baoli Offset Printing Plate Ltd., located in Changshu, 100 kilometers from Shanghai. We manufacture CTP thermal plates (14 million m²).

*This line also produces conventional PS plates.


Line 6, year 2006:

Suzhou Huaguang Baoli Offset Printing Plate Ltd. High-tech, high-performance plant. Production of CTP thermal plates (> 8 million m²).


Factory for visible laser and thermal CTP devices.



Line 7, year 2009:

Production of CTP thermal plates and PPVS and PPVG plates for violet laser. High technology and premium quality control (speed: 45 m/minute, production: 15 million m2 ).


*It measures 240 meters long.



Line 8, year 2012:

Production line for all types of plates. Includes 2 coating machines.


*It measures 380 meters long.



Line 9, year 2012:

Production of single-layer thermal PS plates, UV-CTP. Includes a coating machine.

*It measures 220 meters long.

Exports of products and machinery for graphic arts

The products of our company, HUAGUANG, They are present in more than 100 countries and regions in the world with a turnover of more than 100 million US dollars per year, which represents more than 30% of the company's total turnover.

We have a workforce of more than 3,000 employees, including 900 engineers and technicians and 9 plate production lines, which manufacture 80 million m² of plates per year:

  • Conventional.
  • UV.

  • Thermal.
  • Violets.

  • Flexographic.

We invite you to visit our facilities, where you will always find attentive staff ready to assist you.